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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Lots of recital information:

Recital Fees and Tuition:
Please stop by the office if you are unsure if you have yet paid your dancers recital fee. April tuition is currently due and May tuition will be half the month.

Picture Days:
We have 2 picture dates on the calendar for those who would like to have their dancer's picture taken in one of their dance costumes. Miss Kayley Hackney will be taking pictures on Friday, April 13th from 10:00am-5:00pm and Mr. Justin Stricklin will be taking pictures on Saturday, May 5th from 10:00am-6:00pm. The cost is $30 for 8-10 images in 1 costume that you will receive via a thumb drive or Dropbox. Sign-up sheets are posted in the waiting room.  

Dance Recital Shirt:
We are in the process of ordering the 2018 recital shirts. Our t-shirt guy is in the process of finalizing design while we finalize all the sizes that we need. Please either respond to this email or stop by the office to let us know what size you would like for your dancer. We need to know by the end of the week since he has to special order the particular brand we want. Sizing wise these are the same brand we used last year and are available in child sizes small - x-large and adult sizes small - 4-XL. If any parents are interested in purchasing a t-shirt please let us know your size. The cost is $15. 

Parent Responsibility Sign-up:
A sign-up sheet is up in the waiting room for parents to be of help on rehearsal and recital night. As a staff we can not do it all on our own, especially all the demands that both rehearsal and recital bring. We need the help of all our awesome parents. Please take a look at the sign-up sheet and choose a duty to help all of us at FFAM out. 

Every family has the ability to purchase a total of 8 tickets for the dance recital. This 8 includes the 2 tickets that are included with each recital fee that you paid. Once every family has had a chance to purchase their tickets we will open up the remaining tickets to those who would like more. Please don't panic if you need more than 8, we always have more tickets available and have always had tickets available the day of at the door. The cost of tickets is $5.00.   

Flowers and Bears:
This year we will be selling carnations (God's Flower) at the dance recital. The cost is $5.00 for 5 flowers. We are also selling little ballerina teddybears. You have the option of pink, purple, or blue leotard on the bear. The cost is $15 and $5 for each additional leotard for the bear. We do have one in the dance studio office if you would like to see it in person. We will order flowers to have available at the dance recital for purchase, but if you would like to be guaranteed getting flowers for your dancer please stop by the dance office and place your order. We will only order the amount of bears that are preordered and preorders will end on May 4th. Stop by the dance office to order. 

Slideshow pictures:
We need pictures of each FFAM student for our recital slide show. This slide show will be viewed midway through the dance recital. We would like every performer to be represented. Please email us a picture by May 4th. If you choose to  have pictures taken with Kaylee or Justin we will get your dancer's picture from them.  

Again we will be offering pizza, chips, drinks, and cookies at the dance rehearsal. We offer this service as a hope that there is less stress for parents as they are trying to balance the rehearsal and the need to feed all the kiddos. As in-up sheet is hanging in the waiting room. You are not required to preorder or even prepay, it is more for us to have a better idea of how much food we need to have available. If you are planning on going this route for dinner that night please help us out by signing up.

If you would like help with hair and/or make-up (make-up is not required) the teachers will have a sign-up sheet hanging in the waiting room. Each is $5

Full Dress Rehearsal:
May 11th at 4:00pm. We will begin with an important parents meeting to go over all the important information for that day and recital. That will be the time for the questions to be asked as well. We will then run through tumble tots, Acro, Finale dance (several times), we will then have the pre 1, 2, 3 classes run through their dances. After that point we will run through the recital in order. Parents are responsible for getting their little ones dressed for each of their dances.

Dance Recital:
May 12th at 2:00pm. All performers need to arrive between 1:00-1:30pm. Parents get to enjoy the whole show while our backstage helpers take care of making sure every dancer is ready to go as needed. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dance Costumes Posted...

All dance costumes have been posted on the costume page. Listed with each costume is the needed tights, shoes, and hair style. We will be placing an order for tights and shoes sometime in February. Please stop by the dance office to place your order or if you have any questions.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy New Year!

Classes have begun to resume and we are jumping right into recital preparations. We will start measuring all students this week and ordering costumes next week. Please be available and in class so that we may measure your dancer.
If you have not paid your costume fee please do so as soon as possible unless you have talked with Carolyn or Melissa.
It is very important that your dancer not miss any days of class from now until recital please. We understand that illnesses happen and vacations may be on the schedule, beyond that we hope everyone will be present.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Dance Class Availability...

Some of our classes are full or very close to full. Below is a look at where our classes stand.
Pre 1- FULL
Pre 2 - 3 spots left
Pre 3 - FULL
Level 1 Jazz - 3 spots left
Level 1 Tap - 4 spots left
Level 1 Ballet - 3 spots left
Level 2/3 Hip Hop - FULL
Level 2 Tap - 1 spot left
Level 2 Ballet - 3 spots left
Level 2 Lyrical - 2 spots left
Level 2 Jazz - 1 spot left
Level 3 Tap - FULL
Level 3 Lyrical - FULL
Level 3 Ballet - 1 spot left
Level 3 Jazz - FULL
Level 4 Hip Hop - FULL
Level 4 Tap - Determined by teacher
Level 4 ballet - Determined by teachers
Level 4 Tap - Determined by teachers
Level 4 ballet - Determined by teachers

Thursday, August 24, 2017

New Dancewear Page

Above is a new page titled "Dancewear and Shoes". We will place an order on September 15th for new leotards, skirts, shoes, and tights. Please stop by the dance office if you have questions or would like to place an order.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

2017-2018 Dance Schedule

The new dance schedule has been posted for the new dance year. It is located under the "Studio Information and Schedule" tap above. Please note that some pricing and length of classes has changed for some of the classes. If you have questions or would like information regarding how to register please contact us at weareffam@gmail.com
There is a Saturday Registration Day planned for August 5th from 9am-12pm in the Welcome Area of Faithbridge Church.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Important Information...

FFAM Families,
Good Morning, recital is fast upon us and we are all getting very excited. I have had the pleasure of sitting in on several classes these last couple of weeks and love getting the opportunity of watching all the dancers working so hard on their dances. With that said attendance is very important right now since they have so few classes remaining. Some of the classes are working on special dances for the finale, which is something that all will get the chance to be a part of.

Rehearsal and Recital Info:
Rehearsal is Thursday, May 19th @ 4pm. We will begin with a parents meeting where any and all questions can be asked. From there we will move onto the tots tumbling group and then run through the Finale dance several times before moving onto the rest of the rectal dances. Dancers will want to arrive in shorts and a shirt, NOT a costume, so that they can practice the finale dance with ease and not possibly mess up a costume. On this night parents are responsible to dress and watch their children, making sure that they are ready to go when it is their turn. You and your performers may leave once they have run all their dances.

Recital is Friday, May 19th @ 6pm. Dancers will be need to be back in their dressing room by 5:30pm. Doors will open at 5:00pm that evening. They will need to eat a little something beforehand as we will only have a small snack available backstage. On this night we hire responsible youth from Faithbridge Church to help out backstage with getting all the dancers ready in the correct costume and lined up for their dances.

Picture for Slide show:
Please email a picture of each child you have participating in the recital. This is for a slide show that will play halfway through the dance recital. We want every child (individually) to be represented so please get those in by Monday, May 15th. The picture does not have to be in a costume. If you have a picture that you already love go ahead and send that. What ever works for you and your performer.

Recital Tickets:
With each costume fee you paid you get 2 tickets included. Additional tickets may be purchased for $5 each. Each family may initially receive 8 tickets including the ones from the recital fee and purchased. Once everyone has claimed their tickets we will allow additional tickets to be purchased. Children sitting on laps the entire show will not need a ticket. Tickets will be available for pick-up and purchase starting next week in the dance office. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this please let me know.

Pre-order for roses is available now. You can prepay for 3 roses for $5 that will be available for pick-up when you arrive on recital evening. We highly recommend prepaying for roses if you are interested since we don't buy too many extras to sell that evening. Please stop by the dance office to purchase.

Pizza at Rehearsal:
We will have pizza slices, bags of chips, bottled water, and canned soda available for $1.00 each or $2.50 for a combo which includes slice of pizza, bag of chips, and a beverage. This is our way of being able to help our dancers and their families with the convenience of a quick meal on this very busy night.  You can be a help to us by letting us know how much food you think your family may need that evening so that we can ensure that we order enough food.  There will be a sign up sheet in the waiting area for you to indicate what your family will need starting on Monday. Please understand that you do not have to pre-order in order to participate, but as a courtesy to us, it sure does help us out a lot.  You may pay on the evening of the rehearsal, or in advance. Please see Jenni, Melissa, or Cherie with any prepayments or questions.

Parent Duties:
A sign-up sheet will be hanging in the waiting room for parents to sign up to help us on rehearsal and recital evening along with needing men to help set up and break down the stage. We are a ministry and rely on our parents to help us make this recital possible. Please take a look at the sign-up sheets and pick an area that you may be able to help us in. Thank you!    

Costumes and Dance Attire:
We still have 3 classes that are waiting on their costumes to come in. We will get those out as soon as they come in. Please take a look at the waiting room wall and or the blog at www.weareffam@blogspot.com to make sure that your child has the correct color dance shoes, tights, and what hair do they will need that evening. For those that ordered dance wear please stop by the office to pick it up. If you haven't paid you will need to do so at that time.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this long email. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns that we may help you with.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Costumes, tights, and shoes...

All costumes have been posted above on the page link for "Recital Costumes and Information". Included are the required tight and shoes color along with if hair will be in a bun or ponytail. We recommend for Level 1-Level 4 dancers who are in 1 or more dances wear a tan leotard under their costume to help make changing quick and easy.
We will be placing an order this month for tights, dance shoes, and tan leotards. Please stop by the dance office to place your order.

Tan leotard- $17.00

Footed Tights- $ 6.00
Stirrup Tights- $7.00
Footless- $7.00
Convertible- $7.00

Ballet Shoes- $17.00
Jazz Shoes- $25.00
Tap Shoes- $20.00
Level 4 Tap Shoes- $45.00
Black Sparkle Sneakers- $20.00

Monday, September 26, 2016


FFAM will be hosting an exciting fundraiser starting October 3rd and will end around the 14th. We will be participating in Cards for a Cause by Usborne. The dance studio will be selling box card sets for $30. There are four sets to choose from. All Occasion box 1, All Occasion Box 2, Kids Cards Box, Thanks and Blanks Box. We are all very excited about this opportunity!

BOX 1 : The All Occasion Greeting Cards come in a charming organizer box with dividers, and include an array of cards to meet most needs from birthdays to new home, and get well to weddings.  Thank you (6), Birthday (10), Blank (6), Sympathy (1), Thinking of You (3), New Baby (1), New Home (1), Wedding (1), Congratulations (1)

BOX 2: The All Occasion Greeting Cards come in a charming organizer box with dividers, and include an array of cards to meet most needs from birthdays to new home, and get well to weddings. (different box and different cards then BOX 1) Thank you (6), Birthday (10), Blank (6), Sympathy (1), Thinking of You (3), New Baby (1), New Home (1), Wedding (1), Congratulations (1)

The Kids Cards contains a wild assortment of cards suitable for adults or kids to send to kids in a sweet keepsake box (the perfect place to hide treasures) Birthdays are a blast! Contains 30 kid birthday cards.

Thanks and Blanks is an adorable organizer box full of uniquely handcrafted greeting cards with colored envelopes. This set includes 19 blank cards and 11 Thank You cards.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


No dance on Labor Day, 
Monday, September 5th.